" Exiles "

you only have today
one day
everyday to manipulate
the continuity of your
in a world that expects
and accepts nothing.

we live amicably
with our masks,
we craft and compel our paths
in the name of the father
and of the son
and the holy devil.

we do not look at the stars.
we do not acknowledge
our extremes
or our lows
in this broken down,
half burnt roller coaster
that kills what seems to be
several of our own kind
right before our eyes.

but we never do notice anything
aside from our own problems
and live tv broadcasts
that make your heart beats for a few minutes

you may like to discuss drugs
or alcohol
or death
as major flaws within our network of living,
but you will cleverly excuse your neglect
that severe the connective tissue between us.

and the humble, benevolent blindness
that renders us all
carefully brainwashed to exist
in a world
that clearly does not want us
or me
or you
to understand that we are inferior,

out of control,

small particles in a grander scheme,




"So who am I today?"